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Originally Posted by dreamketcher View Post
I just bought an '87 325 that has glass damage. I am getting a new front windshield and it has a pop out passengers side window that I have to replace. Question... are all E30 side glass the same. I have an 84 318i but they are sealed in... non pop out... as I have to drive the car 350 miles to get it home I am getting the front done there from safelite and I thought I would either bring a side glass with me if I can find one if not just cut a piece of 1/4 in plywood or plexiglass and duct tape it in.
it has the 2.93 diff in it will a 2.7x fit and what all should i get to make that change... drive shaft or something like that perhaps CSB... any info is a help...
Are you talking about the reR windows in a coupe or the ones in the doors?

Doffs require nothigng other than themselves to replace, but unless you want uber economy, I'd be going the opposite way with your ratios

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