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Originally Posted by tturedraider View Post
Bad news folks. My new LEDs blew. I was messing with them, checking the light output and I left them on overnight which drained my battery. When I went to try and start the car, not know the battery was discharged, I got kind of an power surge at the started tried to turn over. Still not realizing my parking lights were in the on position I tried one more time to start the car and had another power surge. It blew out the LEDs. No I have no angel eyes at all.

I'm pretty sure the Ebay seller I got them from will send me a new set. But, still gotta find out.


I looked at other LED lights and found ones for $140, which I think is about what Kat was looking at. They are super bright, but I don't want to lay out that much cash, 'cause I'm not gonna use them as DRLs and they will only be on when my headlights are on. I just like them to match the color of my headlights.
Actually, the two options I am mulling are priced at $249 (LUX H8) and $299 (Angel ibright). Sorry to hear the ebay lights blew. I hope your ebay seller will make you whole again.

Originally Posted by pointandgo View Post
I'm TRYING to remain positive about Kat's light mod, but I had a cadre of "yute" engineers (BSME) that were CONSTANTLY modding their cars. I can't begin to tell you the stories...cold air intake? Sucked water into the engine. Exhaust? burned the carpet in the trunk, got a "noise" ticket...high performance engine mods? Blew the engine...goes on and on. Worst case scenario for Kat? Go back to OE.

I suggest that Kat take a photo "before" and "after" for her light pattern if possible (such as against a wall at night)...or while driving.
Excellent suggestion about doing a light pattern. I'll get back on the task of this mod in a few days (when I'm coherent again).
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