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Originally Posted by leecrosson View Post
I'm happy I have an M20 in my 3 series, I have no doubt it's a lot more fun, but I wouldn't want one in my 02. There is more to my love of these cars than power - if there wasn't I could go to just about any car dealership out there and find a new Honda with more power than either of my BMW's. It would still feel like a piece of plastic junk. On the other hand, I could go out and find a 1600 with a fraction of the pep and love it to pieces (I'm sure I'm not alone). I respect FirstTimers purist approach. Love what you got. Most of us are here because we like driving a car that still gives a solid connection to the engineering - both while driving it and working on it. Two extra cylinders doesn't change anything in that regard ... I'll take my 02 at 60 in 3rd gear over my 325 any day of the week ....
Like I wrote earlier, an M10 in a 2002 is good.
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