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Originally Posted by ZachC View Post
I was wanting to swap the automatic tranny in my '88 528e to a manual and I was wondering if anyone had a detailed guide or anything that could help me.

Originally Posted by south26 View Post
HI, you need to replace/get

The pedals/master
Hard lines/soft lines
Clutch/clutch plate
shifter linkage (if it does not come with the tranny)
drive shaft
Your car already has a 3.25 diff so you can leave that.

With the flywheel the lighter the better. The 83 533i and the M5 have lighter fly wheel. I will have a 533i in a month and a half to part.

Having a donor car like Andy does makes everything MUCH easier. It sounds like you can make a good deal with him for the entire package of parts you're going to need. That's what I would do.
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