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Problem With Fuel Pump?

I was driving my 1988 528E on the freeway going around 60MPH yesterday when all of the sudden the car started to lose power. I let my foot off the gas and pressed it again and the problem stopped for about 1/2 mile. Same thing happened again accept when I left off the gas and pressed it again, I gas pedel felt REALLY lose, went to the floor with almost no resistence. The car then died and it took a good couple of tries to get it started.
When I did get it started i drove it around a parking lot for a little bit and it seemed alright, a little rough but w/e, untill I accellerated to 15-20MPH, the car showed the same problems as before and died again.

I suspect it may be the fuel pump, but I wanted to get some of your oppinions on this before I invest the $200 in the part.

Also I cleaned my throttle body about 2 weeks ago and it worked fine until yesterday,
Could this be the problem?

Any help on this subject would be greatly appriciated by me, and my wallet.
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