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Where should I start? For one, how low your car is has nothing to do with how stiff the ride is. That's down to spring rates and shock valving. Aftermarket shocks and struts don't have tighter shock valving to compensate for a lowered ride high, they have tighter valving to control the suspension better. Having more "pressure" inside the shock (I assume you're talking about the gas charge?) doesn't decrease damping, it basically increases it as the gas gets closer to incompressible. Increasing the volume of gas might decrease damping in the end, but not pressure. Low damping rates don't necessarily lead to high rebound because they are independent of each other. You don't want less damping and more rebound unless you only plan on drag racing because then you get what they call jacking, where the asymmetrical oscillation makes one corner keep getting taller and taller. Also, sway bars don't stiffen the chassis, they just try to prevent roll.

Sorry I didn't realize that number of posts is directly proportional to how much you know. Oh wait, I get it now. The stuff in the OP is supposed to be myths.
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