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Just did my first oil change and encountered a few problems I would like to share. The issues are no reflection on Yorgi's excellent DIY. My 650i now has about 36K, of which only 4K are mine, so I presume a dealer did all the previous services. All service performed with engine up to temps.

1. 8mm main oil drain plug was so tight a long handle hex key would not break it loose. Bought a new 17" breaker bar and a 8mm hex socket to break it loose. Noted the new 8mm socket inserted much farther into the hole then my hex key did. (probably a worn key). Once the new hex socket was seated deeply in the hole a really good heave on the breaker bar broke the plug loose. Don't Beemer mechanics use a torque wrench, on my other cars I always find it hard to do the first service after a dealer has worked on the car.
2. The big um: I found the 6mm hex opening on the filter drain plug rounded. Could not get enough of a bite to break it loose. Is this counter threaded or a standard thread? Even after removing the filter (more on that later) could not break the drain plug loose. Any idea how to get it loose or just spend the $30 for a new assembly?
3. Since I could not drain the filter before removing, I got oil everywhere inside the under cowling. As a practice, even with a functioning filter drain plug, I suggest stuffing a shop towel into the under cover to the rear of the filter to collect any spill while maneuvering the filter out. Apparently I got a good bit of oil that flowed along the bottom cowling to the exhaust, and looked like an oil leak until I lifted the car up again and checked a second time for leaks.

My first 650i oil change, hope I remember all these learnings in 15K miles!

Oh yes- Yorgi- during the engine oil reset phase I saw a bunch of funny numbers and test like 1.03....., 1.05 ... Any idea what these were and what they meant?