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Originally Posted by buckx5 View Post
Hi all, My X5 has the same issue, rear glass stuck on ONE side. both glass roof sections try to close but the rear glass only moves on one side...result is both glass sections stay open in vent position...lossened rear glass screws and removed glass and tried to close...front glass went thru the motions to close but popped back up to vent position...looking at the cables and wedge shaped ramps at left and right that lift the rear glass...only the left rear wedge moves...the right side wedge does not move...cannot push it forwards or backwards...not sure how hard to push...have read need to push one side at a time 'reward' until both LH and RH are moved back, but I have not tried this yet...I would think the LH side is connected to motor and could not be pushed back manually. Anybody with a diagnosis what part is broken and how easy can be fixed? and instructions?...I found a work around on the net that disables the rear glass...lot's of folks say it works great...but I am not sure if it will work for MY stuck ONE side problem.
I'm waiting some parts coming from Germany to fix my problem. I have exactly the same problem like you. The one side of rear section was closing, equal to your problem. If you could close it, I'll find what they (dealer) will change in mine and tell you everything. But the part still coming. The dealer just close the sunroof for me, I don't know how, yet.

But a important note: Don't push your sunroof repeating the operation to close the rear sunroof 'cause in my case, one side of rear was working (like yours) and I did 4 or 6 times some attempts to close it. Guess what? The other side stop working to. Dammn.

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