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Step 1. Disconnect the battery. Always do this when working on the fuel system.

Step 2. Open the trunk lid and lift up the carpet. You will see a cover with a bunch of screws holding it in place. Take the screws out and remove the plate.

Step 3. Disconnect the plug from the sending unit.

Step 4. Undo all the nuts holding the sending unit in place. Also disconnect the hoses attaching to it. Remember where they go! I don't remember what size the nuts are.

Step 5. Carefully lift the sending unit out. There are 2 wires coming out and 2 more hoses coming out that is attached to the fuel pump sitting in the bottom of the tank.

Step 6. Reach inside the fuel tank and look for 2 clips holding the pump in place. They are built into the pump. You might have to work it as the return line attached to the pump going into the bracket at the bottom of the tank.

Step 7. Undo the wires from the pump and undo the hoses from the pump. Now is the time to get new hose clamps. Remember where the wires go. It will be marked on the new pump as well as the old one. Look for - and + signs on the pump. Mark witch wire went to what.

Step 8. Install is in reversal.

Here's a little advice. Before you seal up the tank. Make sure the pump turns on by jumping terminals 87 and 30 where the relay sits. Have a friend listen for the pump. If all is good, button everything up and enjoy your new fuel pump. It's also a good idea to change the fuel filter located behind the rear passenger wheel in the wheel well area. Sorry that I don't have pictures. But, I think you'll get the idea.

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