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Originally Posted by Lowclock View Post
If you think it's just a semantics issue, then maybe you should rewrite stuff so it makes sense to everyone. When you say stuff like "Low damping rates also lead to high rebound, which is how fast the the shock will expand, pushing the tire to the road. Lower pressure shocks will have a softer rider, because they compress faster and deeper, but are slower to release and expand." which makes incorrect assertions about things with no correlation, it's misinforming people regardless of what they came here looking for or their skill level. Even if that was correct, it's not even relevant to the non-mechanics you are trying to cater to because it's not like manufacturers give out shock dyno sheets to even empirically compare them. Also should probably say compression damping and rebound damping instead of just damping and rebound.
That's more constructively expressed, LC. Do stick around some and get to know the Padre better.
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