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Solved! well, unofficially

Well im back from my experiments... the whistle is clearly pronounced on my car, starts around 40ish then its most prominent till around 60, with or without windows open.

I experimented with both size and position of electrical tape covering the gap between the rear facing plastic frame and the painted 'body' of the mirror housing. and it is definitely that gap that is causing the whistle.

if the tape was too small, or positioned too far out it would whistle. but with the tape about 3 inches long, and moved far enough in, the whistle totally disappears, at all speeds.

I have an extra sheet of clearbra (XPEL) that i will use to do this for now. but im sure the gap will eventually collect dirt and get dirty. A more interim solution would be to find a product or material that could fill the gap between the mirror housing and that trim, something that will stay put, withstand elements and washings, yet not harm the car or be permanently affixed.
just a filler of sorts... call me completely crazy but black outdoor caulk is coming to mind. it can fill that section in neatly, and wont really adhere to anything permanently.

ps. i know the fact that were talking about electrical tape, and caulk on our cars is really troubling lol!

2011 328 xi coupe

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