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Originally Posted by BeemerMikeTX View Post
I assume you mean that it smokes when first started and then it eventually stops smoking. Some of that is not uncommon, although you need to explain more of the details before we can advise if yours is abnormal.

1. How long (time/miles) have you owned the bike
2. How do you know it is using oil and how much is it using, including how do you check the oil level.
3. Does it smoke every time you start the bike, or only some times.
4. How have your ridden the bike and how did you park it right before episodes of smoking.
5. How long does it take to stop smoking.

The more info the better.
Thanks for reply
1. Have had bike for 2 weeks and put around 250 miles on it
2. when i got the bike from previous owner the oil view window was near full and a few days ago it was at the bottom of window on stand and level ground.
3. it only smoke at initial startup and seems to go away after that, i will let warm up for min. 2 or 3 minutes before i ride off
4. generally on back roads riding as i have been getting used to the handling and recently in town going to work (less than 10miles). Im not heavy on the throttle in either riding, park on level ground with kickstand
5. usually goes away with idle.

New information since post would be it is idling rough about every 30 second it dips a bit and the throttle seems really touchy or jumpy making it an uncomfortable ride. especially slow cornering as i increase or decrease speed going into and out of the corner almost like if i where to intentionally try to sputter the front end.

thanks again this is great
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