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Originally Posted by BeemerMikeTX View Post
1. OK, so you're new to the bike and are still getting used to what is "normal".
2. The correct way to check the engine oil level on an R1100 ("oilhead") is to ride the bike long enough to get the oil up to operating temperature. Then turn the bike off and put it on the sidestand (not the centerstand) for about 10 minutes. This ensures all the oil drains down to the sump and doesn't hang up in the oil cooler. Then put the bike on the centerstand, on a level surface, and read the oil level in the sight glass after a couple of minutes. This method will help ensure that you get consistent level readings. Assuming your sight glass still has the red circle (mine doesn't), the general consensus "correct" oil level is somewhere between the center dot and the top of the red circle (which is about 2-3 mm from the top of the sight glass). The oil should NOT completely fill the sight glass, which indicates the engine is overfilled with oil, and may promote start-up smoking. IIRC the oil amount from the top of the red circle to the bottom of the red circle is about 0.5 quart.
3. No need to let the bike "warm up" for 2 to 3 minutes before you ride off. As soon as the engine starts and runs smoothly (less than 30 seconds), ride away but be easy until the engine oil warms up. That's a better use of the 2 to 3 minutes to warm up the engine.
4. Some smoking at start-up is not uncommon, especially if you park the bike on the sidestand. I believe the suspected cause is a little oil leaking (or being drawn) past the rings on the left cylinder and then having to be burned out of the engine. Try parking the bike on the centerstand and see if this reduces the episodes of smoking. My K75S is very bad, and erratic,about this. Nine times out of ten when parked on the sidestand it will start up without any smoke, but then that 10th time it will smoke like a mosquito fogger for several minutes.
5. If the smoking stops right after start-up, and it does not smoke under acceleration or engine braking, then I don't think you have anything worth trying to repair. With only 50k miles on the engine, it is not worn.

As for the rough idling and touchy throttle, it sounds like to need to check the throttle body synchronization and idle adjustment. This is a common issue with the oilheads. To do correctly, you need to check/replace the spark plugs, check/replace the air filter, adjust the valves, and then do a TB synch and idle adjustment.

Good luck.

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Thank you for that information, I have gone through your checklist and oil was overfilled the smoking is now reduced by half.

I have a haynes and clymers and noticed the spark plugs are a bit oily or rich with fuel also the fuel jets had a bit of build up on them, I just did a dry cloth cleaning. Then I adjusted the idle adjustment and it seemed to help, I noticed the previous owner made a small marks for proper placement, i placed the marks back together and it idles much better.

Thanks once again for your help!
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