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Z3 Amplifier upgrade question

Hey all, this weekend I upgraded most of the speakers in my 2000 z3 2.3 and later this week the Integral Audio 8" sub kit will be arriving. I have a Rockford Fosgate P200-2 amplifier given to me for free that I will install to power the subwoofer.

BUT, although the new sound with the new speakers and without the terrible ~5 inch stock "subwoofer" assembly is quite improved already, I have a feeling that a little more uumph will be needed from the stock amp, especially at higher volumes and speeds with the top down.

So, I've been reading the forums, and I just want some guidance about replacing the stock amp. It seems some people have used 4 channel amps, but they use the head unit to power some speakers and such. I don't want to go that route because that is too complex for me. I'm thinking about keeping the Rockford for the sub and just getting a new amp for the other speakers, although I'll consider one big amp that can handle it all. But I don't mind the space that extra sub specific amp will take up.

So, the question is, should I get a 6 or 8 channel amp? The speakers are as follows...btw I am pretty sure I do not have the HK setup since I don't see HK on anything:

2 floor midbasses - about 5.25 inches I think
2 door tweeters
2 door midranges
2 behind the driver seat 4" midbasses
5 inch subwoofer POS that I removed and will be replacing with the Integral Audio 8" subwoofer.

I thought I heard that the tweeter and midrange have the same connection, but maybe not. I don't really know. Please help me out here, 6 or 8 channel. I think I can manage pulling all the plugs (or cutting and stripping them) from the stock amp and putting them in the new one.

Also, one more question....I suppose I also need (passive?) crossovers as I understand that is done in the current stock amp? What will that cost approximately? Do I need one for each channel or pair? Also, it seems that some people also buy a rather large capacitor - do I need that, and what terminals is that connected to. Lastly, please let me know anything I might have missed or any other guidance. Thanks a ton!

P.S. I don't really want to replace the head unit unless there is a really good reason to. I have a DICE setup with my ipod in the trunk that works fine for me.

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