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Ah, Florida. Can't wait to move there at the end of summer - yeah, beginning of summer would be better but the job won't comply with that. In anticipation I bought my Z3

Because of these compatibility issues and my original desire to keep this project as simple as possible - in fact I was hoping to avoid messing with the amp - I went with the BSW stage 1. I have a variety of good mechanical, electrical, and car experience and skill, but no knowledge about car amps/audio systems so I figured I'd make it easy on myself and go with their "plug n play" solution. Since then I've read the thread below, so I know your opinions on the BSW...and also learned that a lot of people think the number 1 high priority upgrade should be an aftermarket amp.

Now that I know how easy it is to get to and change the speakers, I probably should have gone with something like Polks which would have come with a matched crossover, but I've already spent the money so for now at least, I'd like to keep them if possible/practical. The sub is coming this week, and I have that amp, so that should be another improvement. I figure after I also replace the stock amp, then I can re-evaluate the speakers if I'm not happy with the system.

But what I don't understand - even if you axe the rear speakers - then it seems that you have 6 speakers in the front of the car still, not four. Two in the floor - the 5 1/4s, and four in the door - the tweeter and that odd midrange speaker. In yours (and others who use 4 channel amps for everything but the sub) are you also axing the midrange in the door, so you are just listening to the tweeter and floor speakers (seems I can't do that with the BSW tweeter which compliments the stock midrange)? Or do you somehow run the midrange and tweeter off of one channel? If I am reading this wiring diagram right, it seems that the tweeter and midrange may already be running off the same channel (perhaps there is an internal crossover in the system)? That's what I don't quite get about how a 4 channel amp would work. I guess one of the above would have to be true, but I'm not sure which is the case.

Not really going for audiophile here, just want to be able to listen to music loudly while driving with the top down and enjoy it. Looks like that isn't an easy thing to do!
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