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Originally Posted by car-fan View Post
I like that the GT has masculine features. Like the GT's "very distant" relative the Phantom it has Real Presence. I wouldn't consider the Phantom a pretty car, but you darn sure will not confuse it with anything else.

Looks aside when you find a more Luxurious, Functional, Performance oriented 5 door sedan (THAT IS NOT A CROSSOVER) let me know. I sat in the back of an Aston Martin Rapide (4 door hatch) and damn near needed the jaws of life to get out With the GT you can have the same room, and 98.9% of the options of the Flagship BMW, with more utility - whats not to like. I really don't see how BMW could have made the GT as sleek as say an Audi A7 without compromising a great deal of the utility ergo passenger room. Remember this fact if nothing else; the only car in BMW's core lineup with more rear legroom is the LWB F02 7 Series. Also consider the fact that option for option your not getting a decontented 7 Series either.

So the naysayers, haters, however you want to categorize them..can scoff all they like. Just rest assured that you and YOUR passengers will be comfortable and relaxed during the ride, as well as when you arrive at your destination.
I have to dmit that at first glance it wasn't the most glamorous vehicle I'd seen. But then again, neither was the Caddy Sport Wagon, or the 2005 GTO or Mustang Mach 1 or any of o host of vehicles I've owned. Beauty is lots more than skin deep and to really love this car, you need to be a driver, not a looker. I know I'll get in trouble for this one, and no, I'm not being sexist, but it's like just looking at a woman and making some idiotic decision on her really don't know her until you live with her and get used to her every nuance! Otherwise, everything is just superficial.

A trip up the Pacific Coast Highway with on-the-fly selection of chassis and engine settings is so perfect. 20 way seats, combined with the rear seats that have "theatre seating" status make any trip comfortable. Load up the luggage, kids game gear, bring on the bad weather, light snow, whatever and it's simply a brilliant vehicle for all seasons and reasons. One that I don't have to climb into like a Corvette. You simply sit in the GT. That's saying a lot for 6 feet and 200 lbs and a bad back. If nothing else were to be said, I'd love the car for the comfort alone!
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