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Ultimately, what drives us to drive the 5 GT - Who are we?

BMW did not have an established target market demographic for the GT. The GT was a very courageous bold foray into uncharted territory, and BMW has allowed the GT to find its own customer. BMW understands that cars in general are very quickly evolving away from traditional forms, and that BMW must provide new solutions for a new age of emerging hip forward thinking enthusiasts not bound by convention. BMW is exploring a multitude of power train solutions – hybrid, efficient diesels, electric, and in terms of form, vehicles that can multitask such as the GT. All share BMW DNA and vision.

We often think of car enthusiasts as being a very hip adventure seeking group. The reality is that many, if not most, are invested in the ideas and technology of the past. Nostalgia is powerful. Design language must incorporate traditional styling cues in a manner that is both fresh, but pays homage to the past. Threading this needle is an art, fraught with insecurity – hence the inclination to play it safe. I would contend that BMW does a very good job understanding the nature of the customer for their core product lines – 3 – 5 - 7 series, and BMW targets appropriate conservative products to satisfy that core demand. BMW has been far more adventurous, and innovative, in their effort to redefine traditional concepts of the SUV, sports cars and multi-tasking 5 doors.

I understand the reasoning of BMW to make the 5 GT a bridge between the 5 and 7 series – 7 series architecture and features – 5 series pricing. Conceptually, this makes sense, except it has also sown confusion, and has fomented a culture clash. Witness the animosity of F/10 Forum to anything GT. The F/10 is perhaps the most conservative design from BMW in recent years. BMW would answer – yes, we were absolutely spot on given the evolving market demographic for the F/10. It would be improper to conclude that drivers of the F/10 are ipso facto conservative – but from a marketing perspective - I would anticipate finding many mid level corporate accountant-types. – which is perfectly fine – but hence the ultra conservative retrenchment of the F/10 v. the E60, dynamically and in terms of design. Perhaps many consider the anonymity of the F/10 as a positive attribute reflecting their quiet good taste.

I suspect that the F/07 crowd is a very different group –if not younger in actual years – certainly younger in spirit. In the most general terms, we are a hip group – forward thinking, not afraid of innovations or new ideas. We love adventure, travel, and outdoor activities. I suspect a few of us engage in extreme sports. Non-conformist art-types are a natural customer base. The GT being a flexible platform can be outfitted to meet the needs of those seeking luxury, utility, and comfortable cruising, as well as those who want a fast ride. I am certain, more than a few entrepreneur types, who need space for clients, but don’t mind a little showboating, inhabit our ranks. In general the GT accommodates independent thinkers who make their own decisions and seek luxury, performance, utility, and value. We are an eclectic successful independent group bound together by our passion for BMW.

My pop analysis maybe off, but seriously, which party do you want to attend on New Years Eve – the conventional 3 box F/10 gray suit party….or the hip, uninhibited F/07 diversity party?
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