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Originally Posted by xo View Post
Have had the 4x4 (DSC) light illuminated on the dash (No other lights). Tried a few suggestions from the forums to clear it but to no avail. Also there are no grinding noises. Went into a dealer in Atlanta today and they said there was a fault with the transfer case actuator motor and possibly the transfer case itself. They wanted over $1500 to change out the actuator and if that didn't fix it, over $3100 for the transfer case. The car is a 2005 and has 61K. It is out of warranty.

Anyone ever DIY replace the transfer case actuator? The part is just over $800. So saving $700 on labor seems wise.
If you are mechanically inclined, I wouldn't think it would be too hard of a job (the actuator). The transfer case could be something I wouldn't do myself.
I would start getting the BMW T.I.S, (kind of a technical service manual for BMW, you can pay per use online) and see if you can tackle it.

You always have the option on getting an estimate from an Indy shop, they are a lot less expensive than the dealership.
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