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Originally Posted by darbyogill View Post
Don't take any of this personally fellas... Remember demogrpahics are just a collection of averages, and if you hang out here you're almost certainly an outlier.
Given the small but growing numbers of GT owners, this is just fun speculation, based on personal experience and perhaps a hope. Given the confusing introduction of the GT in NA, and lack luster follow up marketing efforts by both BMW and dealers, I find it surprising that the GT continues to meet its sales quotas. The GT is not an obvious easy choice – poor marketing, confusion on the dealership level, and animosity from traditional BMW enthusiasts creates significant barriers to purchase.

The GT is a flexible platform that can be equipped in very different ways to satisfy a myriad of requirements and desires. Some view it as a luxury car, a luxury SAV, a performance SAV, a performance luxury sedan that has great utility, a crossover, whatever….. Indeed one local DC dealer calls the GT a "Station Wagon" in its inventory on its website….yuck. Each of these characterizations will tend to attract a certain type of buyer. I would anticipate a very eclectic diverse buyer pool. Beyond a passion for BMWs I would imagine most potential buyers share a very independent – out-side the box mentality, as well as courage, and knowledge. The GT is not an easy purchase.

Personally, I know only two GT drivers – myself and another in the DC area...

I do not begin to fit your profile – I am urban/suburban, arts oriented, independent and entrepreneurial. I enjoy participating in canine protection sport with my German shepherd, work out daily, trek and climb mountains on weekends, and have studied in and traveled to Europe on a regular basis. I have had a life long passion not only for the arts, but also sports cars especially BMWs and Porsches.

I think I will fit in just fine at the GT Diversity Party
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