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Originally Posted by innerloop View Post
Interesting topic.

I consider myself someone who puts a good bit of thought into each car I buy, and I put a high premium on picking stylish and interesting cars.

Demographically, I am late-30s, married, one toddler and another on the way. Love to travel internationally, dive, hike, etc. Work hard to never travel coach. Like to pick a car that stands out a bit from the crowd.

For reference, my last few cars have been mostly Euro, but jumping around between Audi (A4, S4) and BMW (330i, 335iC) and one Japanese (M45).

My last car was an Convertible 335i that I picked up on Euro delivery, which was a great experience, and was a great blend of style, outdoors, and love of travel.

In the last 3 years, however, I've gone from zero kids to (soon) 2, so I definitely had to move to a more practical car.

Initially I searched for Euro SUVs, looked at the X3, X5, Q5, Q7, etc. Was disappointed to find that most of them were not actually built in Europe (so no Euro delivery), and even the ones that seemed well styled just felt wrong.

I stumbled across the GT randomly, had no idea it existed, and the more I researched it, the more it seemed like the perfect mix for me. More practical than my E93, but didn't have the "I give up on style completely" feeling of going to an SUV or a Wagon.

So to me it was a perfect blend of:

- I can fit 2 kids and a dog in there (and then some)
- Doesn't look like an SUV or a station wagon, looks and handles like a big-ass car
- Still has spirited power & handling for fun mountain drives
- Isn't something you see 20 of in every parking lot

This was the first time I ever had back-to-back cars with the same manufacturer. I tend to get bored with things, so I constantly hopped back & forth between Audi, BMW, and occasionally looked at Japanese luxury brands. I briefly flirted with the A7 which looks AMAZING, but in terms of practicality & comfort, seemed like it missed the mark.

Was a tough decision and I'm sure I'll be a bit jealous every time I pass an A7 on the street for the next few years, though.
Hmmm…like so many fine young things…always seems to be another waiting to audition for the part…however when you see the real deal …you recognize substance and inherent goodness over the ephemeral whim and the lure of fad.

The A7 allure, sure, but what an expensive weekend affair— maybe the moment of climax would be be very sexy, but the next morning I would be asking myself – “wut-wuzithinkin?” - now I need to try and live with this - because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. This is not to say that you won’t have a good time with the GT too – only that – after the rush of the first encounter – you hang on because you know you have something unique and special.

Enjoy the 5 GT – I think it is a very cool car…one of the coolest designs BMW has done in many years. I relate to space for a dog – large German shepherd – no kids but lots of friends – the romance of driving a BIG BMW that oozes street presence, and has the power and handling to make mountain drives fun. As a great athlete - the GT allows you to drive very fast when you must – effortlessly.

I too, came to the GT from a 335iC 6MT – the GT ramps up the BMW experience to whole different level – yeah - the 335i was a pretty and fun but the GT is seriously delicious.
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