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Originally Posted by Supercourse View Post
Sounds like they think a bottle of something was in the glove box and leaked over the fuse box and relays.

Possible I suppose, but I am doubtful that most soft drinks, etc. would cause such problems.

If things need cleaning up anyway, an auto electric shop may have a spray can of something to do a safe and effective cleanup.

They could also do a (free?) load test on your battery, but if you haven't noticed it starting slugglishly over the last 2 months, I doubt that it is the root cause.
Get a can of "Electro-Wash" by Chemtronics. We use it when jocks (short for DJ's) spill soda on equipment. Disconnect the battery and wait 10-15 minutes (very improtant you wait the time as equipment can "hold" onto power for some time). If you cant find this, get 97% pure isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) make sure it is at least 93% or higher if 97% is not available.

Soda and coffee are probably one of the most deadly things to electronics and can cause permanent damage to electrics as it will slowly eat through anything. This can take months to occur but IT WILL OCCUR if something was spilled. So they are dead on in presuming this caused the problem. They probably should have checked the battery as well, but it was a good diagnoses if they found residue from a beverage and depending on how much. This could have put excessive wear on the battery as it strained to deal with impedance and shorting issues.

If this is the fuse relay area. Remove the fuses using a pair of needle nose pliers or the appropriate tool and remove them to clean affected area. And then let dry.

Personally I would replace the wiring harness and components effected as they could short out if not properly cleaned.

I usually think BMW mechanics are full of malarky and make things up as they go if not in book A under paragraph B, but this one depending on amount spilled is a good possability.

ps Uncle J is right. That is why I pointed out the time frame. The previous owner could have done this a month before you bought it and are only finding out now.
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