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Originally Posted by herbstyle View Post
Hi all... Been lurking on this website since I bought my 2003 325i Wagon about a month ago.
Love the car till now...
Seen some similar posts, so forgive if this is a repeat. Car was running great, 56,000 miles, went to start it the other day and all the dash lights and everything lit up as normal, but when I tried to start it, not a sound... didn't start. Starter didn't crank at all. Just a faint click at the relay.
Won't jump start, took out the battery and had it tested at Napa and it tested fine. 12.5 volts, 879 cold cranking amps on a 900 amp battery. When I try to start it, I can hear a faint click at the relay. Tried both keys. Checked the immobilizer fuse and starter interlock fuse, both fine.
I'm thinking it might be the starter motor... but it only has 56,000 miles... I had the starter on my 95 Audi A6 replaced 4 months ago at 150,000...
Just wondering if there is anything else I should check before either trying this myself or getting towed to the BMW specialist.
Thanks in advance...
and Aloha from Hawaii.

Certainly out of character for a BMW starter to crap out like that at that mileage. I have seen them go much, much farther. Mine has 240k miles on it.

It sounds like the starter relay is toast. Did you check your fuse panel for blown fuses? Sometimes the simple stuff makes all the difference.

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