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Is there 'really' a difference between (standard) E39 rotors of various brands?

Serious question:

Is there 'really' a difference between E39 rotors of various brands?
ASSUMPTION: OEM size & fitment (i.e., nothing fancy ... apples to apples comparison).

Over in this thread today, the rotor-quality question came up:
- E39 (1997 - 2003) > Ever hear of Winhere brake rotors??

Personally, I'm leaning toward "a rotor is a rotor" ... as I have no anecdotal or personal experience otherwise ... but ... that's why I ask the question.

To be clear, I'm sure there 'can' be (perhaps huge) differences between rotors, mostly on the quality side ... but ... the question is whether ... in reality ... there is a meaningful difference between rotors of the most-recommended brands for our E39?

Given the following OEM-fitment replacement rotors:
- What rotors are recommended for street use on the E39

QUESTION: Is there really a 'meaningful' difference between these rotors?
Most often recommended replacement rotors:
- ATE solid (Premium One brand is OEM?)
- Balo (which model?)
- Brembo solid (which model?)
- Centric Premium ?model
- Zimmermann ?model

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