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Originally Posted by harplayr View Post
I haven't made up my mind on this.
There are a couple of things that bother me about these stories coming out.

I think some of the charges are a bit over the top and smell of fabrication, innuendo or extreme exaggeration. Many of whom are disgraced former racers (known liars) with no means of support trying to hawk their latest book like Landis and Hamilton.

With all that Armstrong had at stake I just find it hard to imagine that he would be so open and caviler about the doping. He has been accused of taking blood transfusion on the team bus in front of 50 or 60 people, casually sharing his dope with other riders, chatting about it in mixed company, buying off the regulation agencies and you name it. All the while knowing that the press was after him on this issue and what the damage would be if any one of these hundreds of people spilled the beans.

Wouldn't you think with all he had on the line that he would have used a tad more discretion instead of blatantly exposing his usage to these hundreds of people openly?

The two that seem most ridiculous are Landis's charge of Armstrong getting doping transfusions on the team bus traveling from one stage to another in front of everybody and buying off the anti-doping agency. Armstrong traveled by private car from stage to stage and did not the bus. The anti-doping agencies have busted many big name riders, so I don't think they are easily paid off.

One thing that will prove to be interesting is to hear what Hincappie really said to the grand jury. There are rumors that he testified that he doped with Armstrong, but there are no solid reports on what he actually testified to. Seeing that he is still racing, will he be confessing to doping publically and putting himself up for a ban that will surely end his career?
If he does, that will go a long ways towards me believing that Armstrong doped as Hincappie is one person that has a lot to lose by coming forward with such information.

As to the current state of things, I am certain that Contador dopes as he did test positive. It will be interesting if he's allowed to race the Tour this year.
Thanks this is very well put and I agree 100%. I do not keep up with every story that is out there on Lance or pro-cycling. The points that you make here are extremely good at least to me they are.

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