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Originally Posted by jonathan2263 View Post
The UCI appeal hearing of the Contador case has been postponed until possibly September. That should allow Contador to race in the Tour since he is currently not under any suspension. If he goes as well in the Tour as he currently is in the Giro, everyone else will be racing for second and then hoping the appeal goes poorly for him.

In further Lance news, the director of the Swiss lab that found the questionable samples in the 2001 Tour De Suisse has admitted to having a meeting with Armstrong and Bruyneel after the test to help determine the difference between Positive and Questionable (seemingly legal semantics) and to learn what the testers were looking for. All valuable information if you're trying to avoid a positive dope test. Armstrongs' lawyer is still denying this meeting took place.
Also from that article....

Saugy, who was the lab's scientific director at the time, told Swiss newspaper Neue Züricher Zeitung that he remembered four "suspect" samples from the 2001 Tour de Suisse but did not know whether they belonged to Armstrong.


"They were taken at four different stages, so I don't know whether they were from four different riders or all of the same athlete," said Saugy. "But the tests were not covered up, and it is also not correct that they could have been interpreted as positive. They were suspect, and you wouldn't stand a chance at all with that sole argument in front of a court."

However, Saugy said that the meeting did not take place at the Swiss lab - as stated by Hamilton in the 60 Minutes TV show - but during a trip made to collect blood samples. "And it also wasn't about discussing a particular result or to cover up anything. I explained how the EPO test worked and why there were suspect samples as well as positive ones. This information was part of a lecture that I had been giving in various locations."
This version of the meeting is much less sinister than the sensational story presented by Hamilton who had no firsthand knowledge of any such meeting.

The "meeting" apparently took place when Saugy was collecting samples from Armstrong and not when he held the high position he now does. He also states he had no idea which rider's samples tested with traces but below the threshold of a positive. The way the system is designed to be blind in that respect I believe him when he says he doesn't know who the rider or riders were.

It's quite natural to chat about things in the process of collecting samples and Saugy said he gave public lectures with the same information he discussed with Armstrong. No trade secrets were told. I'm not aware of any no-talking rule between the people sent out to collect samples and riders or management.

It's a big leap to infer from this that Armstrong bought them off through this person who that at that time was a mid level employee.

Getting back to Contador, what disappoints me is the fact that he DID test positive in both A & B samples at last year's tour. The reports of plastic particles found in his blood (indicating transfusions) while not yet admissible further makes me believe he was blood doping.

While the legal battle is still ongoing, I don't think he should be racing in this year's tour. I remember a couple of years ago when a bunch of riders (including Ulrich) were prevented from riding in the Tour when they were just suspected of being involved with doping, but had not yet failed any tests. It did turn out that most of them were guilty of doping, but there is precedent for denying a rider's eligibility to race in the Tour without positive tests. Contador was implicated somewhat in that doping scandal too, but there wasn't enough evidence to go after him on it.
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