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Originally Posted by jonathan2263 View Post
Agreed. However, I do find it interesting that there is silence on this issue from the Armstrong camp. From what I gathered from the article, it sounded to me like Saugy had a sit down with Bruyneel and Armstrong regarding these questions and it was more than casual chit chat while he was drawing blood.

Contador did indeed test positive, but apparently there's a loophole that states if you can prove you didn't mean to take it, you get away with it. The plasticizers in the blood are not currently banned so they're a non issue. If you remember, Pedro Delgado tested positive after winning the 08 tour for a masking agent that was not yet on the banned substance list.

It would not surprise me if Tour management dis-invited Contador. They have a history, as you stated of not allowing riders under suspicion to race. I guess the difference may be that Contador won his initial case and is therefore technically not under suspicion. Either way, I bet he gets off. He won't be the first athlete to use the "tainted beef" defense and get away with it.
We can only have his word on what was discussed, but to me it rings true.

It certainly is WAY different than the story Hamilton is spinning. I would tend to believe the actual participant rather than somebody that wasn't there that is currently on a media blitz spreading gossip while trying to sell his book.

Regarding the plasticizers found in Contador's blood, I know that there is no rule on acceptable limits yet, and that it can't be used against him, but it does reinforce the theory that he was getting transfusions.

I have a hard time with Contador's mystery meat story. That's almost as good as Hamilton's story about a dead twin decomposing inside of him causing his failed tests.

Follow this sport and you will hear some doozies!
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