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Intermittent power loss, fuel pump problem?

About a month ago I had a check engine, coil pack #6 gone bad, the engine was vibrating and had no power, replaced the coil pack, check engine gone, no more vibration, power was back.

But after that I saw some power loss from time to time and I made sure it was not related to the transmission, I did test in manual mode without shifting only playing with the throttle.

So here are the symptom, when I push throttle hard (about 75%), it will have power available right there, it accelerate quickly up to 6000+rpm, then shift, transmission shift no problem, then it's like if the engine is stalling, no power at all, it accelerate slowly... then suddenly BANG power is back.

The reverse can happen aswell, I push the throttle then the engine accelerate very slowly ... then out of sudden 100% power is back and BANG it accelerate quicky... all on the same gear!!

I have no check engine, if it was the MAS/MAF the check engine will go on immediately no? So do you think my fuel pump is possessed?
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