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Originally Posted by m3jlk
I've been told Dinan developed their S/W on a std 6 speed. When installed on an SMG II car the S/W thought it had reached redline @ about 4K RPM. Apparently there is a sensor somewhere in the SMG II set up that doesn't exist in the std 6 speed. In any event they theoretically have it figured out and are shipping diffs with an additional S/W mod.
This is the story I've been told by the dealer as to why it's taking so long to get my diff. If true, it reinforces my belief that when buying a set of mods as I am, it's a good idea to get it all from the same source so there will be a better chance it will all play together.

The main benefit (?),I'm told, of the S/W package is to remove the top speed limiter, raise the redline to 8150 (this allows you to reach 60 mph in 2nd gear - not sure this applies to the 3.91 diff mod) and provide a more linear throttle mapping.
a) How come people putting the diff in without any software change donīt have this problem?

b) you can more reach 60 in 2nd stock or with the 8K redline with the 3.91 rear.
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