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ok here we go:

first up we have my exhaust note pre muffler delete.

then we have same parking spot same camera location after the delete.

then we have my daily stress reliever, a sweeping right going slightly up hill. testing the tires here usually washes all thoughts of work away. i only got it to 80 because I only had one hand on the wheel.

finally we have a WOT pass. I would have loved to keep it planted a little longer, but other cars come up quick when I put the left foot down.

what these videos don't capture well is the boomy low frequency this setup puts out. that frequency hurts my ears. not really the volume but just seems to resonate in my head and give me a headache.

I don't really have a problem with the volume. yes it is loud but that isnt necessarily bad. what bothers menus the low frequency and the burpiness.

it almost sounds like Harley underwater.

to me it doesn't sound "right". it sounds like a car in disrepair.

a set of aftermarket mufflers would probably polish it up without loosing all the edge, but I'm done messing with the exhaust. I'm going back to stock and trying not to feel stupid for doing this in the first place.
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