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joej85, thanks for the detailed help! My dealer supposedly replaced all these hoses, valves etc, and came up with a final determination that the head were plugged with carbon build-up. They even reccomended I don't fix the car because of the cost to do so. I started using ethanol free gas, and I have changed the oil twice in the past 2,000 miles. On the first oil change, I added some Sea foam to the oil, reccomended amount for an engine flush, and ran the car until the oil got much darker, about 500 miles, then made the chang. I also ran 3 can of Lucas gas treatment through the system on every other tank intervals. Prior to doing this, I had a low rpm intermittent miss, and now the miss is gone completely. I may have had a dirty fuel injector, but I hope the efforts are beginning to clean out some of the carbon build-up. I will be getting the SEL soon light re-set next week to see if its fixed. The last time I had the OBD codes read the only ones that came up are the 0491 and 0492. Do you have any idea if there is a specification for CFM readings on the secondary air pump. After all, mine has 155,000 miles on it and its an 02 model so maybe its tired! By the way, before the dealer replaced all the secondary hoses, valves etc, I had smoke after long idles. That seems to be fixed now. I haven't seen any smoke for some time.
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