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Hello all again,
I persued in the retrofit, and found all parts required.

Context: BMW X3 Da 2005
MK4 + CID NAv Business installed

Here is the first part of the journey:
first find the parts:
you will need (If Previous Nav business is installed)
1 CID Professional (depends en what version you want - the OEM version from 2005 is a bit old - I went for a 2007 model compatible with MP3 and ID Tags)
1 Flap Display (standard for all X3 Generations ... Becareful exists a similare model for Z4 - IT IS NOT THE SAME PART - Go only for X3-E83 OEM)
1 Cable retrofit
1 Wires retrofit and plugs (to go to fuse box)
1 installation guide - BMW retrofit instruction guide pdf (available on Google)
here >>
you can find a complete set in ebay between 1000 euros up to 2500 euros (in germany)

mine all together was much cheaper about 750,00 euros (for example, I baught the LCD screen for 152 euros on ebay)
+ Displus MK4 encoding (about 120 euros) at BMW service

Beware -
- if you are not a bit experienced, and you plan doing it alone - you are going to suffer!...
- it takes several hours, so book your week end off and invite a friend with more experience than you!
- The cable fits just at the right place and has just the right size
- once you run the test that everything is working fine - install the wires and cable beginning from the CID toward the trunk

1) you will need to remove the back seats (quite easy) just unclip them (with your 2 hands on 1 side, pull toward the sealing gently - do same to the other side and slide out the whole backseat)
2) remove as well the sides to reveal the wires under the carpet, (same, just pull gently to unclip them)
3) you will need as well to remove the plastic cover, down the top of the seat belt, between the doors (there are 2 clips down - just pull gently - then slide down the whole part, don't pull - it slides gently as well
4) Use torque screwdriver to remove the cover left down and under the strearing weel
5) remove the speed meter (2 torque screws and the whole part slide gently out ) unplug it and leave it (we won't need it until the reassemble the car)
6) you will need to remove the central Air dashboard (push up from below- it will unclip it, and pull gently the whole part our from the dash board)
7) remove the 2 screws from the part to be replaced by the Display
8) remove the 2 screws holding the radio/CID Business
9) remove both part and unplugg gently the CID
10) when you see this :

Uploaded with

then follow the installation guide (link above)

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