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Originally Posted by Display_Name View Post
Is the pricing model dependent, or is it the same across the line?
From what I have seen, there are 5 different categories your car may fall under. The last sheet I have seen is from 1/5/10, maybe the prices have changed but I don't see the OP's exact numbers on my sheet.

I had no idea what the markup was off the retail price. Knowing that it is around 39% gives the buyer an enormous advantage. Thanks Jax!!

Remember if you are looking at this and want it invoice, it is REVERSE markup. Don't just multiply by .39....I know it's basic math, but to save some time from those who are a bit rusty.....(lotta people do this wrong......If something is selling for $100 and the markup is 20%, invoice is not $80.00, but $83.00)

Example: If you are given the selling price and percentage for eg selling price $20 and markup of20% and you are required to find the cost price you know that if cost price is 100% selling price will be 120% and hence you will get your cost price by multiplying 100 into $20 and divide it by 120! In our case if the EVP retail is $ 3560.00 and the markup s 39%- Multiply 3560 by 100 (356,000) then divide by 139 (2561)
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