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I'm quite anxious to learn more on this topic. I just purchased an '01 Z3 2.5. As of the date of this post, I've only had the car for 7 days. 95 degrees in Texas and I have a serious sunburn from 7 days of driving with the top down! But I don't care because I'm having a blast.

I'm far, far from having figured out the audio system. Sub was blown (knew that before I bought). I have a 6 Disc changer in the trunk that works fine. From what I read, I'm guessing I have an Alpine unit (not Blaupunkt) but even there, I'm speculating. Do I have an Alpine 6 disc changer married to a Blaupunkt head unit? No idea. Everything appears to be factory.

At this point I'm trying to evaluate my options before I dive in. Like jalanparker37 I want to keep my head unit and I also don't want to overspend if I don't need too.

My first observation was that more power (amp) might improve things. I'd like to add a sub for more "umph" but don't want to assume I should just throw one in. Which, by the way, I doubt I can just "throw one in". I suspect it's not that simple. Also like jalanparker37, I don't have more than just average knowledge of car audio systems. For grins I took it by CarToys and they wanted me to take out a second mortgage "to get it right". Really didn't seem all that interested in helping me figure out how I might improve what I already have, but I recognize that that's not their focus.

My speaker set up seems to be different from what you all describe. I have a longish grill on each door near the top, but no other speakers in the door that I can see. I have the 2 behind the seat and the now useless sub enclosure (which I disconnected so I didn't have to hear the buzz).

I've been trolling the forums here and trying to research elsewhere to see if I can find a solution that doesn't require me replacing EVERYTHING. Or spending $1000. Since I just bought the car last week, I don't want to push my luck with my better half by going nuts on add ons :-)

So - with all that said - if there are posts, sites, etc that you can recommend, I'd be very grateful.

UPDATE: OK - check that on the speakers. I was looking in the actual door for the 5 1/4" speakers and now realize they are in the floor board area.

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