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I'm saying that we are exposed to way more toxic things on a daily basis and most of us are fine... as long as we take precautions and not feed it to our kids and pets. Just because coolant is poisonous to my dogs, I'm not gonna not keep a couple gallons in my garage. Prolonged skin exposure to laundry detergent to our skin is not good either.

I feel like the whole "use bmw washer fluid only!" and "omg this stuff is poison!" is way over the top and everyone is making too big of a deal about which washer fluid to use. I understand if people want to stick to a certain brand of oil, but this is only washer fluid.

To make you happy, I googled MSDS Washer fluid and clicked the first link, which was to a pdf file to walmart's brand of washer fluid. The only hazardous ingredient listed is methanol (I figured it would be some kind of alcohol). Yes, methanol is toxic, and it can cause blindness and death. Drinking a small CONCENTRATED amount will attack the central nervous system and kill the patient. Btw, if they drink enough ethanol it will kill in the same manner. Many college and high school kids come close to this. Another way concentrated methanol will kill is through the metabolic pathway. It gets converted to formaldehyde, which is a embalming agent. The amount of methanol that is inhaled from evaporating washer fluid being sucked in via the vents is not enough to get someone blind, let alone die from it. It might make someone slightly high, which lasts for about 10 minutes max, but wont affect judgment or anything. The quick cure for methanol ingestion is drinking enough.... ethanol. Unless someone chugs this stuff out of the container, or somehow concentrates this stuff and inhales it because they are too poor to buy beer or smokes, or bathes in it because they cant afford soap, it is harmless.

Also if you note in that MSDS page, in Section 8 page 4:

Originally Posted by MSDS Windshield Washer Fluid - Supertech

Respiratory Protection: Under normal use conditions (outdoor windshield cleaning), respiratory protection is not justified.
This is why I dismissed those so-called hazards.
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