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No I'm not doing anything with the head unit. The iPod interface box has two cables. 1) The cable that goes from the box to the iPod and 2) the cable that goes from the box to the 6 disc changer cable in the trunk. The one from the box to the cd changer is the long one. The one from the box to the iPod is the shorter one. So the interface box itself has to be located in the cabin. But the cable from the box to the changer has to go through the cabin into the trunk.

So I'm really just trying to figure the best way to get that cable into the trunk. My suspicion is that I'll be going under the center console and then into the trunk.

I've just gotten home from work and was going to start working on this tonight. Taking my time. No reason to rush.

Hopefully this isn't a bad omen: I disconnected the negative battery lead so I could plug it back in to test the unlock code I have for the radio. Hadn't done that before and wanted to be sure I could actually unlock the radio before I got too far into things. Entered the code wrong. Now I have an "Code Wait" indicator. My understanding is that the only solution I have is to wait and hour with the key in position 2 and wait for it to clear itself then I can enter the code again. The dealership gave me 3 codes: 1 for Alpine, 1 for Pioneer (which are both the same code) and one for Blaupunkt. Of course, I really don't know what radio I have. I've continued with the assumption that since I have the CD Changer, I have an Alpine radio. But I'm not sure. So once the code clears, I suppose it's possible that I'll screw it up again and have to wait another hour. Jeez.
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