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Originally Posted by bimmerteck View Post
Start shopping for a spare motor now
I wonder if cold fusion works better than n20 (nitrous oxide) to super power your bimmer?

Anyway, a quick search finds this:

Originally Posted by 540indiana View Post
+1 Unforunately there is no cheap way to gain hp on our bimmers. $100 for every 10hp gained I believe is the equation. I would lean towards cooling system
Originally Posted by bobdmac View Post
I think it's time for us to realize that used BMW's have gotten down to a price level that people can afford to buy them just so they can screw around with them, whether that means performance or cosmetic mods. This is no different than what the original hot rodders did to all sorts of vehicles back in the day––Lincolns, Cadillacs, you name it. Clearly, some of the recently initiated BMW owners have different priorities than the preponderance of those who bought them new or as CPO's.

For that reason, flaming the OP's ability to figure out what makes sense doesn't really accomplish anything.

Of course, having said all that, as a new 540 owner myself, I think he's freakin' nuts.

But, that's his business, and we can decide whether we want to help him or ignore him, but at least he's asking questions and trying to learn (I think).
Originally Posted by mancho View Post
Why waste time w this mod, unless your racing, it makes much more sense to just to just buy a higher hp car. But whatever.
Originally Posted by five.two.five View Post
TFM34: Adding a N2O system to your car will provide you a temporary horse power gain, but it is something that needs to be thoroughly researched before doing it. There are a few things to taken into consideration before purchasing a kit. Do you want direct port, wet or dry, electronic or manual bottle opener, bottle warmer, throttle switch or button activation, fuel pressure regulator, how many degrees to retard the timing, etc. Besides all of that, what do you want to achieve?

Check out these websites and submit an inquiry to one or all of these companies for accurate advice.
Originally Posted by 98540iA View Post
OP, I suggest you ask folks at places that sell automobile NOS products about your questions. The e39 forums are typically populated by enthusiasts who would not consider NOS, me included. For a powerful mod, I would consider forced induction (supercharger) but that is very expensive and would also require brake and suspension mods also. There are probably other cars out there better suited for a NOS mod, but I'm sure some folks have done this with a 540 in the past. If you do go the NOS route, I would suggest brake upgrade also since you will have a heavy and fast torpedo that the stock brakes were not meant to deal with.
My gut feeling is that it is NOT safe to use NOS with this car if you want to keep the car going for an extended period of time. I don't know much about NOS but I believe it is very hard on the engine and will probably eat it alive quickly...... just my thoughts.
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