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Hi All,'s been a few weeks since I installed the Integral Audio 8" sub enclosure (after the BSW Stage 1 and sound deadening). My honest assessment is that the improved sound is probably worth the money if you don't want much hassle and don't want to listen at blistering high volumes with the top down. The system sounds good on *most* songs (songs with a lot of low end - try "Great Car Dealer War" by the Drive-by Truckers, with 3 down tuned guitars playing low on the neck - still get a bit mushy) and with a passenger on a trip last weekend I was too polite to get it at the limits of its loudishness anyway and he was more than satisfied with the sound with the top down. For a lot of people, this would be enough, even without the sub. But, I like to play my music LOUD and I'd like it as clear as possible at those loud volumes (I play guitar and have probably lost my hearing...either way I'm used to LOUD ). Therefore, the BSW is not for me and will go on sale soon at a good price for someone who is looking for the BSW stage 1 as the final goal and NOT as a stepping stone to a future system with an after market amp. As I have found, and others on the forum have said, if that is your goal, skip the BSW stage 1 (which doesn't play well with amps due to no crossovers and other issues like using a tweeter/midrange)

Thanks to the advice on this thread and others, I went ahead and purchased new speakers and a new amp.

What I bought:

Focal 130 KP 5.25" midbass+tweeter component speakers, JL Audio 300/4 Slash Amplifier (4 channel class A/B amp), more sound deadening for the floor panels, poly-fil, and speaker baffles (may or may not use them or I may try both ways to compare). I'm bridging the rear channels to power my sub, and will get rid of the mono amp I was using for that purpose - to save space.

I am also going to ditch the 4" rear speakers. Behind the seats I can't hear them anyway as Mpire and others have suggested.

The amp is coming Monday. Today I went ahead and hooked up the midbasses and disconnected the amp, wired my RCAs, and the crossovers. Everything in the trunk is ready to quickly accommodate the new amp tomorrow.


How do I wire the new tweeters in the door panels?

I am using the stock "midrange" wires to the tweeter terminals of the crossovers, as suggested here: (I have the non-HK). But, at the tweeter in the door, do I also use the midrange wires? Because it seems like there is an internal crossover that sends some frequencies to the stock midrange wires and some to the stock tweeter wires. The colors for the wires that connect to the midrange speakers at the door are different than the colors from the old stock amp (and that I have connected to the crossover tweeter terminals).

I'm guessing the answer is one of the following, but it may be something else:

1. Just use the stock midrange wires - because perhaps only the tweeter has a reduced frequency range and the midrange does not?

2. Solder the tweeter and midrange wires together to pick up the whole frequency response meant for the new tweeters.

3. Run my own wire; or run wire from the midrange wires at a location before they are split by the internal crossover - possibly the unmolested midrange wires can be found in the kickpanels?

4. Something else...

Some help on this question would be very much appreciated! Thank you - this forum is awesome.
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