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Originally Posted by JimLev View Post many responses from all of those arm chair quarterbacks.
If done right it will cost you any where from $500 to $1500 depending on how much HP you want. A 40-50 HP system (1 nozzle) will be a quick and easy install on a 540.
I've been using a dual stage setup on my 540 for the last 8 years, got 133k on her now, same engine and it still runs like the day I drove it off the BMW showroom.
The 1st stage is port injected (125HP), the 2nd stage (50HP) sprays into the intake manifold from both ends for better coverage. I also have a water methanol system to ensure there is no pre-detonation.
I've helped a number of guys put smaller 1 injector systems on their cars.
If your serious about doing this I can email you more info. No remapping of the DME is necessary. I've dynoed my car, the air/fuel mixture was well within limits.
JimLev- your setup looks great, very well planned out, and IMHO your 2nd stage would be an excellent starting off point for someone looking to get a taste of nitrous.(it's very addictive )

For those looking at my figures vs. Jim's remember to keep in mind that labor (if you can't install all the parts yourself) adds up quick @$95 an hour My customer with the M5 was running alpha-N and velocity stacks already(and is a performance nut with a large budget) so his install was rather complex compared to the more typical system JimLev is running

Originally Posted by JimLev View Post
The website for the Wizard of NOS is in England, the owner (Trev) can be a pretty abusive guy especially if you question him on anything.
He calls every NOS manufacture here in the US an idiot.
His parts are the "best" just ask him. Everybody else sells junk.
I've got email from a few of their forum members warning me about his temper and the problems they have with some of his systems.
Wow, thanks for the heads up, I haven't dealt with them myself(and may not go out of my way too after hearing that) but I was very impressed with Fluid's install of their kit on s54 in the M3. (made my s62 install look quite cluttered) I have installed several systems from NOS and ZEX over the years and while I wouldn't call either junk I do believe there is room for improvement on some of the I've worked with. but I can say the guys at NOS have been great anytime I've called them with a tech question.
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