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So....this morning I did some testing with my multimeter and a 9V battery.

Here's what I found:

The midrange wires in the trunk only pop the stock midrange speaker and not the stock tweeter. Likewise, only the impedance of the stock midrange is seen by the multimeter.

BUT, there were a couple of pairs of wires (yellow w/green stripe + yellow w/brown stripe and blue w/green stripe + blue w/brown stripe) that were not included on the wiring diagram: (non-HK).

The thought occurred to me briefly that those may go to the factory tweeters such that the crossing over for the midrange and tweeter was actually done at the amp. However, those wires do not pop a tweeter and do not have an impedance - so I don't think they are hooked up to a tweeter.

This seems to confirm that the midrange wires at some point in the car between the stock amp and the stock midrange/tweeters that the midrange wires enter a crossover of sorts and send some frequencies to the stock midrange speakers and others to the stock tweeters.

I'm just concerned that connecting my aftermarket tweeters to the midrange wires is going to result in only some of the frequencies I want going to them. Just wondering what the answer/solution is from some of you who have installed aftermarket component speaker sets.

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