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I had the same problem with my oil filter housing drain plug not loosening so oil from the filter area collected on the under body panel, depositing oil on my previously oil-free driveway. I just reinstalled the same housing with the over-torqued plug still in place. When removing the housing the old filter separated from the housing, attached up in the engine, but it was easily extracted.

Helpful hint: I successfully placed my car on 2 jack stands at the designated points by placing a scrap piece of landscaping timber on the jack cradle (a remnant of my horseshoe pit construction last week). I lifted one side using the circular protrusion aft of each actual jacking point to enable proper placement of the first jack stand (I guessed right and suffered no panel damage from the actual lift. I then used the same scrap of wood extension to lift from the center jack point under the engine by to a minimum height of 19" which allowed enough verticle clearance to set the 2nd jack stand on the direct opposite side from the first. I'm sure our northern friends could Yorgi-Rig it by stacking 3 hockey pucks to the jack cradle at their own peril (this is obviously not a best practice endorsed by OSHA) as lateral stability of the puck "tower" is compromised and either method presents a forseeable risk of the vehicle slipping off the modified extension of the jack cradle, or worse by completely compressing the hydraulic jack to it's starting position whom/whatever else happens to be present under the car while being lifted.

Just curious if anyone running 20" rims or larger had success lifting their car from the center jacking point from it's normal driving height due to the increase in ground clearance created from the installation of larger diameter rims?
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