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Originally Posted by Edmonton View Post
We were able to do exactly as you described it: the back glass roof is closed now. Thanks for that. However, there is still a gap between the two glasses (the back panel is higher than the front panel). For now (until we get a chance to permanently disable the back panel), I had to prop the front panel up so that it is flush with the back panel. Do you how to fix this gab?
Hi again Edmonton , I can only guess what is wrong with the gap you mention if you had to prop up the front roof to get it level there are two possible answers first the roof may have to be reprogrammed but you should not do this until the back roof has been immobilised send me your direct email and I will send photos and instructions . After the modification you need to push and hold continuously the vent function that is push and hold the centre of the button , after about sixty seconds the roof will go through a reprogramming sequence do not let go of the button until its complete the roof shades will first move then they will slide back followed by the front glass sliding back and then closing the shades will then close only then should you remove your finger . Once complete the roof should operate as normal . The second answer is that the front glass locating screws may be loose and this is causing the glass to be lower than the rear . I would not adjust these screws until doing the mod as I suspect that programming is your problem . If after reprogramming the glass is still lower than the rear then check the rear locating screws they will be along each side towards the back on the inside . You can use these screws to adjust the height of the glass . Regards Howard
PS any one else with this problem please send me your direct email so I can send the fix direct to you with photos .
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