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For the record, make sure the counterhold tool you make is as strong as you can make it!

Why? GSA1 this weekend, had a problem with a counterhold tool that worked previously just fine, multiple times, - but two of them bent on this particular fourth vehicle:
- Please help me!!.. Vanos seals install

We got to the fan bolt removal process and broke the hold down tool..One I made [based on plans from this thread] and had used three times before. No problem (I thought). Added some PB Blaster and took out the metal stock I bought that was leftover from the other, original tool build; and cut, drilled and grinded out a new one. After hours of PB Blasting and trying to break the nut free, the second tool bent and was unusable.

SO...I decided to remove the entire cooling system from the car at the water pump. Not very easy to do, unless the fan is out of the way, but we managed. Also took out the radiator to facilitate removal of everything as a unit. The nut wouldn't break free with the unit off the car either.
To which Fudman concurred that a strong steel tool is needed:
Your story reminds me of when Hooray! came over for his seals replacement. I had built a fan nut holder out of some cheesy flat plate steel bar that bent when we tried to apply torque. Belt friction didn't work and NeverSayNever wasn't home to borrow his. We fortunately found a machine shop that modified a garage door arm for us (for only $30!). That delay cost us about 3 hrs.
Moral of the story:
- You may not need strong steel (mine, for example, was easy to remove)
- But - you may need strong steel (so plan ahead).
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