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Originally Posted by jasoncapitalp View Post
so recently i bought a 525i for 500.
the previous owner said that he replaced the radiator
due to oil in the coolant
. this car overheats fast, oil in the
coolant, water in the valve cover lid, white smoke, no fouled spark plugs,
also this white/grey cottage cheeze oily substance is in my air intake, all the way
to the filter? the car drove fine before i took it apart today.

so i got down (or tried too) the problem. what i found was a new cylinder head, (well
extremely clean looking, outstanding quality to the block) no major breaks in the
gasket. my eyes are only human, but no visible cracks, in both the cylinder head
and in the block.

now im not sure if the problem is with them reassembling all these parts together,
or something else. im not even trying to imagine the worst case possible.
oem gasket? incorrect torque on head bolts? I have the resources to fix,
this car is almost 100% mint, i do not want to let this baby go
Sounds fishy to me.
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