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I belatedly realized inspection of the problematic DISA valve isn't listed in this thread as being 'part' of a major overhaul.

As Doru mentions in this thread today:
- E39 (1997 - 2003) > Broken DISA Valve

The DISA valve should be removed & visually 'inspected' whenever you have the airbox out of the car (or at least at the 85K-90K mile point) so I also added it to the list of tandem related jobs:
- Typical tandem DIY repair jobs combined while you're already there (1)

This airbox-removal corresponds, I think, to most alternator repairs, and perhaps also most cooling system, CCV, and belt-drive overhauls.

So, moving forward, I recommend we try to remember to suggest lining up a new DISA when doing the parts for all those jobs. (Notice I said "lining up", which means just pricing it out - because it would be too expensive to replace without inspecting first.)

So that others don't make the omission that I did (in not inspecting the DISA valve when doing those overhauls), what other common repairs necessitate airbox removal?
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