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My 528i does the same thing

Originally Posted by romeofrosty View Post
Took my car to the dealer today. Went for a drive with the shop foreman in the service department. He said the slight lag I felt was "normal". The TSB everyone seems to be refering to in this thread is for the N55 engine, which I understand to be the turbo charged version. My 528i has the N52 engine, which is naturally aspirated. Apparently there is no TSB regarding it, at least that I am aware of. They offered to reflash the adaptive driving memory to start its process over again and said they would check the electronic specs for the throttle movement. As long as they are within their parameters, the tech said there was nothing else he could do.
He gave me the "drive by wire" speech and explained it would not respond like cable or linkage actuated mechanisms. I told him I have a Honda that is also "drive by wire", and the throttle response of that car is instant and consistent throughout its entire pedal travel, not at all like the laziness of the BMW. Again I was told that as long as the readings he got were within specs, there was nothing further he could do. I'm not real happy with that. This is my first experience with BMW and their service procedures, so I'm not sure where to go from here. I did compare it to a loaner 528i they gave me and the throttle response on that car was about the same......still lazy, but maybe a hair better from a dead stop. I guess their take will be since all our cars have the same problem, yours is "normal" and compares with any other new 528i on the lot.
Has anybody with a 528i on this board dealt with this issue? It seems most on this thread have the 535i. Any advice would be appreciated at this point.
I have been asking about this since I bought my 528i last Sept. I even called BMW NA. But played phone tag for a week and gave up. This needs to be recalled. It's a big safety issue. I noticed this on the test drive with a demo and the salesman told me it would take awhile for the computer to get use to my driving. I guess the computer thinks I am an 85 year old man. Or this is a big problem. My money is on the latter since I am only 50.
When I filled out my JD Powers survey, I made sure that information was on the survey. I guess it will take a few accidents, deaths and a lot of bad publicity to get something done on this. Just hope no one has to die before this gets addressed.
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