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Originally Posted by gleek View Post
I have a new 2011 X6 with the V8 and the new 8 speed transmission. Occasionally, under heavy acceleration, the car feels like it cannot find the next gear (not sure, but probably between 2-3 or 3-4 gear) at aroudn 4k rpm. This is pretty disconcerting as it could cause a problem merging or avoiding traffic and I feel it is a safety issue. The car violently lurches as it feels like it is trying to find the next gear.

I took this to my dealer and they could not find any faults and BMW doesn't feel there is a problem. Have any of you found this problem?

Yesterday I tested X5 50 sport and fx35 and fx50. The x5 was a 2011 demo with 3K+ miles and the fxs were new. All were tested within 1.5 hours.

ALL astounded me with the not so fun tranny when left in regular (non-sport mode). The damn tranny is dying to get to the highest gear possible even in city traffic. When you enter a highway you have to slam the pedal to get to downshift. The hunting is off putting at first.

But would that stop me from buying? Absolutely not- In sport mode the problem vanished at least for me (or you can manually shift).

I am not saying this is "normal" and you may actually have a problem but rather I am just commenting on a similar experience that may or may not have the same etiology as your stated issue.
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