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The power surges that you are experiencing might not be due to the engine or it's installed aftermarket components. With that much clicks in your car (almost 300,000kms!), I would assume that the transmission is already slipping. When was the last time you replaced your ATF and filters? My brother in law had the same "wave like" acceleration before he converted his e36 Auto to a 5 speed Manual.

The good thing is, not all tranny slippage is due to a bad transmission. I would first replace the ATF and the filter and see if the symptoms goes away. I would read THIS to see if the symptoms you were referring to are similar. Hope this helps, please let us know what the outcome is. Good luck!

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Signs of a Bad Torque Converter

Proper transmission torque converter action is necessary for the adequate function and operation of a vehicle's transmission. There are a number of problems and issues that can develop with a transmission torque converter. What follows is a brief list of the most common signs of a bad transmission torque converter.

Transmission Gear Slippage

A bad torque converter will often cause transmission gears to slip out of place, especially under heavy acceleration. By altering the flow and pressure of circulating hydraulic transmission fluid, a bad torque converter can prevent optimal hydraulic transmission fluid flow, which can allow gears to slip.

Reduced Acceleration

Many times a vehicle that has a bad torque converter will seemingly lack engine power and/or acceleration power. Proper vehicle acceleration is influenced in part by the proper hydraulic function of a torque converter. A bad torque converter will often times prevent adequate transmission pressure from developing, which in turn reduces engine acceleration and power.

Hard Shifting

Hard shifting, which normally occurs when a transmission "slams" or "drops" into gear as opposed to shifting easily into gear, is a common symptom of a bad torque converter. Proper, consistent torque converter action, including proper hydraulic fluid pressurization, is mandatory for smooth transmission gear shifting. A bad torque converter lacks the ability to pressurize hydraulic fluid normally, which can result in hard shifting.

Transmission Surging

A vehicle that surges, or lunges, while being driven at a constant speed is oftentimes a vehicle that has a bad torque converter. This condition, which is normally caused by the erratic flow and pressurization of hydraulic transmission fluid within the torque converter, is a classic symptom of torque converter dysfunction.

Transmission Lag

Transmission lag is a condition where a vehicle's transmission takes a long time to build up sufficient transmission fluid pressure to affect vehicle movement. Transmission lag is most apparent in a vehicle starting out from a complete stop. A bad torque converter can lack sufficient converter and pump action to provide adequate hydraulic fluid pressure to affect normal vehicle take-offs.

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