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Ok, so I just got the same warning lights this morning. Everything was fine yesterday (smooth, nice ride) and then this morning I get in the car, start her up and right of the bat I noticed a very very rough idle., bing, bing. Engine malfunction and increased emissions!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!! Then I smell exhaust with a hint of gas! So, thanks to you guys I'll retract my "I'm going to get rid of you" rant and focus on fixing her again so our love affair can continue.

JPEG23 and TxTaz what kind of OBD readers did you guys use? I need to pick one up. Also, based on my description does this sound like another case of bad coils or another issue?

I'll be working on her tomorrow so thanks for any help the fest fam can offer!

2004 645Ci
No mods yet! Mods coming soon though
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