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Originally Posted by AngelWinks View Post
I have a 92 325i (fondly dubbed Betty) and am having problems with her. My husband has done everything we can figure and still nothing. It lopes or surges at an idol, back fires, has no pickup and is getting poor fuel mileage. We have checked fuel pump, fuel regulator, changed plugs (to platinum 4 we will be changing that) changed o2 sensor, mass airflow sensor, a bad coil, injector rails and the computer. We have checked all the the replaced parts including injectors with positive results. We are not sure what the problem is and are desperately seeking help. Any ideas?
I suggest checking to see if the catalytic converter is plugged. They often corrode from the inside and become blocked - this may lead to some of the symptoms you are describing.
Also check for air leaks in the intake manifold or any of the air hoses. If the car is on a hoist - tap the catalytic converter. If it sound like it is full of gravel - it might be plugged.

Also: Check idle control valve - Before changing all these parts have a mechanic give you a computer fault analysis.
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