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Transmission Bump


I am new to this forum. My name's Garrett, and I've got a 2005 BMW X5 with the 4.4l v8 in it !! I bought it from a Carmax with 75000 miles on it. I've owned it for a couple months now and have put a couple thousand miles on the car so far. I really, really dig this car, but suspect that something a little odd is going on with the transmission. I'll get quite a "bump" out of it under the right circumstances. Like it's dropping the clutch really hard...

If I am coming to a "rolling-stop" - (like say a stop-sign) and I don't *quite* come to a stop and hit the gas a moderate amount the engine will rev-up a bit and the car gets a big-jolt like the clutch was released very "agressively". It's quite a shock, and I am sure it's not good for anything. I can cause this *not* to happen under this same scenario by applying the "gas" slowly with a slight pause. Too much gas under this situation will make it "bump"

Anyone ever hear of this? Hope I don't need a new trans.

I haven't driven an automatic regularly in the last 12 years - I don't think this is normal though. Also - if this helps when coming to a stop sometimes I can also feel a very slight "grabbing and slipping" as the trans is disengaging power from the engine.

Thnaks for your help!
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